Hiyas. I have been playing guitar for about 2 and a half years now, and I am fine when I sit down, but whenever I try to stand up, I find chord changes slower, and when I speed them up, the notes become blurred. Barre chords are a nightmare, when standing up, and as for playing lead, that's a nightmare too, when standing up. Mostly I am fine when I sit down though. I was taught by someone who was self taught, and get the idea for the past 2 years I have had my hands in the wrong position. Whenever I try another position hoiwever, I can't even play the notes clean.


PS if you can include diagrams, that'd help too
Well you could try practicing standing up. I've started doing that and it's like second nature to me now. Makes your back muscles stronger too lol
Yeah, whenever you practice guitar at home try standing up. Also, strap your guitar up fairly high so that when you stand up it's not much lower than when you sit down. Practice with it in that position, and then when you get good with it that high, lower it a bit. Repeat that until you've got it as low as you want.
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Also when standing (at least at first for me), I found it harder to see the fretboard. The little fret dots on the top of the neck were very useful for me. Other than that, the other posts covered anything else I could think of =P It's all a matter of practice, really.
Yeah, the height of the guitar is a really important factor. NEVER play your guitar really low, firstly you'll struggle to play, and believe me when I say you don't want to develop repetitive strain injury (which you will if your guitar is too low). Though it can look strange, playing your guitar at exactly the same height its at when you sit down means you should have no trouble as thats where you'll be used to playing.
when youre sitting down play with yur back straight and guitar on your leg. dont slump. and then try to practice standing up. its the same with everyone, noone plays better when standing than sitting down, unless thats how they learned to play in the first place
Yeah keeping your back straight helps. Ever seen James Hetfield play? He has his guitar so low it's nearly at his knees. Now although that might look cool for him, it can greatly reduce your playing ability. However, having it strapped right up to your neck can also do that because your arms are longer than what they're reaching to, so they end up kind of folded up. You have to find the right height for you.
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