Hello there,

For musicclass in school I have to do a gig with the kids from my class. Now me and a girl, who plays Saxophone (alt), wanted to do a song together. But we don't know of any songs that only have a Sax and (electric) guitar.
We would like kind of a "coolish" "rock" type of song..

So if you know a song that might suit us, please share it!
O.A.R. - City On Down is a great one for electric guitar and sax. But really any OAR song is good for that.
There's a song by a Philly band I like that would work pretty well. It's a mix of acoustic and electric guitar, with a saxophone playing pretty much after each verse. You're gonna have to try and figure out how to play it tho since I doubt they have tabs online :P. I'll PM you it.
I know it's jazz, but if you can get a singer how about trying "Joyful Girl" by Soulive. I did that in a concert a few years back and it went down excellently. Leaves lots of room for creative guitar improvs and hair raising sax solos.
Thanks a lot for all the suggestions, I'll check them out.
Well yeh.. we don't have a singer or drummer or anything and it's not like I'm a great guitar player and I'm not so sure if she can pull of like those hard sounding Sax solo's.. hehe
Well, thanks again! I'll let her hear the songs too
Someone mentioned "Money". Try the next song as well, "Us and Them". Slower-paced, but that might be better for your sax player.
"bad to the bone" - george thorougood (Im not sure how to spell his last name)