Ok this is my first recording up on this site! Just sitting at my computer and came up with this....thinking of using it for an intro, and was wondering if you guys liked it. I'm thinking of slowing it down by the way and adding another guitar and stuff but I'm not sure. And my mic sucks and I'm playing on my old nylon string acoustic (my proper one needs repairing) lol so anyway here

Random Acoustic Intro

thanks in advance and I'll be happy to crit anything anyone wants.
do you have an electric? cuz that would sound awesome if an electric came in playing some kinda melody over that. just keep playin around with that, and become more comfortable with it too. you have a good idea there.

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Thanks! I'll definetly be redoing it when I get time and hopefully add to it. I just wanted to know if it was a good start to build upon. Thanks again! Yeah i'm true to my word!
Nice acoustic bit, it seemed very Coheed and Cambria-esque ^_^

I can't really offer much more advice that hasn't been given already, except that you really should practice this a bit more and get it down, because(as said before) you seem really hesitant; An electric guitar emphasizing the bass notes of the pattern w/ power chords and then gradually taking over, followed by some drums kicking in would sound awesome.

To minimize the ever annoying scritch-scratch noise try picking your hand up as you slide from note to note, that's what I do sometimes; the main thing is to try and keep your hand close but not so close that you're scratching the strings; experiment and see how it goes ^_^

Crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=699689

Strangley enough I just listened to the new C and C album and decided to play! lol man that's strange, Yeah well thank you for the comment I will be redoing it properly this time.
Dude No World For Tomorrow is an amazing album! I preordered it and got it like 8 days before it came out! Coheed and Cambria are like my favorite band ever, sorry to disrupt the thread over something like that ^_^