I have 1.5 years in my acoustic guitar and can move my right hand for chords quite fast (of course, sometimes, it still missed) and can pick it quite okay (not perfect). I think that this skill will be mastered as the time goes on. Right?

Hence, I need your suggestion on what next to be learned? At this moment, I am just searching the guitar tabs in ultimate-guitar and try to play them. Should I just continue as the way I am doing it at the moment? or do you have any better idea?

Scales are good for waking up your fretting hand. Play a scale, it's arpeggio, it's diminished arpeggio, and it's modes. Try some finger picking, if you're not already. Bare chords are a good skill for any guitarist. Alternate picking might be good, if you use a pick.
Can you sing well?
Do you know music theory?
Do you practice?
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Thanks. Two of you made me realize that I am not good at the musical theories itself. I do not really know what scales are, what arpeggio is and etc.

>>"Can you sing well?"
Unfortunately, no .

Are these tutorials available in Ultimate-Guitar?