well, mine is Tool. i knew it through a friend that told me to download "hooker with a penis" and "parabola". i heard hooker... first and hated it, then i heard parabola and thought it was reasonable. after i've heard it about 7 or 8 times, i just couldn't stop hearing it. it was like this for all the songs then.

i love Tool, because the music really makes me feel things, and the lyrics just complement it. there's nothing else wich has the same effect on me. =D

that' it
Picking one band is kind of tricky =P

Let's go with Pink Floyd.

I found out about them back in high school through a friend named Jim. Jim was in the early stages of training for the drug olympics back then, and turned me on to a lot of good music. Initially, in drafting class, he came by and let me have a listen to Dark Side of the Moon. I didn't really get it at the time, found the music really slow and kinda boring. Over time I got a little more into music and they grew on me. Which would be expected, I guess =P Every little noise and every note David Gilmour plays get me now. I moved from DSOFTM to Wish You Were Here, to Piper at the Gates, to Animals, and the Wall and all that. LOVE everything up to around Animals, appreciate the Wall. That's about it =P
Lamb Of God

I found out about them just before "As The Palaces Burn" was released. I heard the single "Ruin" and it freaking blew me away. The guitar work is furious, that galloping drum beat was awesome and the vocals were bold and powerful. So, I checked out that album, went backwards and checked out all their old stuff, and I was a fan. They had a great formula in their sound that comprised of many genres. They became my favorite band like instantly. They're albums keep surpassing their previous efforts and I will always support them.
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stevie ray vaughn and double trouble

a friend suggested that i listen to the texas flood album, because he knew i was looking for good stuff to play. at first i hated it, i was in my led zeppelin stage, and i listened to nothing but led zeppelin. after a while of the song just sitting on my computer after i had only listened to them once, i listened to it again, and for some reason i liked it.
rage against the machine

I first heard killing in the name on grand theft auto San Andreas on radio x.So i had a look on my dads cd rack and found the battle of los Angeleas and Renegades.From then on iv been downloading there music.
i know that alot of people will hate me for puting this, but i love My chemical romance, srry to the people who hate them. I first heard them from a freind, the first song i heard was helena and i loved it, i have never been to one of thier concerts but i might be going to one soon
at the moment my favourite artist is Sufjan Stevens, I found some songs of his on freeindie.com, went and brought a couple of albums and now i'm hooked.
The Clash -

When I was in Jr. High I was a huge Green Day fan, and I read about how Billy Joe and the whole band claimed to be influenced by this band, the Clash. So I went home and downloaded two tracks, "London Calling" and "Spanish Bombs". Fell in love with them, and I quickly came to own all of their LPs, and they're still my favorite band all these years later.

Sublime -

Last year one of my friends (who happens to have a similar taste in music) kept rambling on about how great this one band is, Sublime. I was in her car and "Date Rape" came on, I realized what I was missing out on immediately. I insisted that she let me borrow her 40oz to Freedom and self-titled albums that night and she gave in. Since then I've been in love with the band and their music has really lifted my spirits in times when I've been down. Just straight-up chill music.

I could go on with some others but these are my top two.
take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship, my senses have been stripped.
The Who. Quadrophenia is possibly the greatest album ever, not a single bad song. I'd been meaning to get some of their stuff for ages but never got round to doing it, and bot whos next, which made me get more. Just Awesome
Stone Temple Pilots

I heard slither on the radio, loved it. Then i went and bought Contraband. Then went and saw Velvet Revolver live and heard Vasoline. Proceeded to buy Thank You and loved it. then i bought the STP discography in order. Dean, Rob, Eric and Scott's musicianship is remarkable!
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Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys are my two favorite bands off all time because they've both been around for a long time proving that they can play practically any style of music without sounding pretentious. They write amazing songs that are catchy and thought provoking and passionate and just plain fun to listen to. And they do it all so effortlessly and still somehow manage to make you want to dance.
Quote by Avopeac

Three Days Grace="I HATE MUH PARENTZ" rock.
Cannibal Corpse="I ATE MUH PARENTZ" rock

My friends Keiren and Keiran (guitarist and drummer respectively) pulled me out of my Linkin Park infested room and brought me over to Keiran's house and showed me Megalomaniac, the hit from A Crow Left of the Murder. I was baffled. It was huge. I listened to that song over and over and over again for months. I went on to "discover" all their songs, one by one, album by album and eventually they changed my whole life. I put away the piano, and pulled up a bass guitar, because the other two already played guitar and drums and told me they wanted a bassist. Changed everything forever. Three years on, i love Incubus more than anything. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.
Growing up my two favorite bands were Nirvana and Sublime. Hence: Nirvlime. *shrugs* My parents listened to a lot of that early 90s stuff so I kinda just grew up with it. I dunno about now, I don't really have a favorite. I like a lot of music *shrugs*
Quote by srvflood
i was in my led zeppelin stage, and i listened to nothing but led zeppelin.

I remember my Led Zeppelin stage. *shivers*

Currently, my favorite band is The Allman Brothers Band.

I found out about them through various sources, including my father and simply by hearing them on the radio.

However, it wasn't until I saw them perform at a concert with Lynyrd Skynyrd that I became obsessed with them.
well its a tossup so here

Avenged sevenfold: it started out with Bat Country, saw it on tv and loved it. then i went to buy Sounding the seventh trumpet, loved it, then got city of evil, waking the fallen, and their new self titled album, loved them all

Pantera: i heard cowboys from hell and was hooked, all downhill from there

tenacious D: heard tribute, got more of their stuff, loved them.

Guns n roses: welcome to the jungle got me hooked (slash is my fave guitar player).

Must Not Sleep.

Must Warn Others.

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Porcupine Tree

Mainly, because everything they write is balanced, not too heavy, not too soft, good lyrics and V.Prog.
guns n roses are my favourite band ever!!!!!!!!!

i am not a token fan who just like slash & axl but i think the whole band from apettite for destruction are so cool.that album truly was the best album ever.ever song on that album could be are rock hit.there is one song that i dont like and that is-weet child o mine.that song is really good but its wayyyyyyy too over played and all the chavs love that song.but i have to say the sweet child o mine solo is class!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was so happy when i learned it,check it out on youtube.