okay, so i'm hearing some pedals have the ability to suck your tone. i have a digitech digidelay i don't use it much because i haven't got an adapter but does it suck tone? i haven't payed attention to it. if so whats a delay (not some 300$ pedal) that wont suck tone?
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My friend had one and I used it for a gig with them once. I personally got into the pedal (LOVE the reverb it put on the signal). Ultimately, though, you'll have to try it out and see whatcha think =)
^+1. Live by that. You can spend thousands of dollars (or quid, or snog, or whatever) and hourse trying to fix "tone sucking buffers" and "poor shielding" and "impropers use of 1 meg resistors", and a million other things. Fix problems, don't look for problems to fix.
mostly complained about by guys who dont practice their scales enough.
pedals will add color when on(obviously) and some add color when they're off. if it doesnt bug you, then no big deal. if it starts to mess with your signal to where you dislike it, its an easy fix.
my point, nothing to obsess over.
I can honestly say, from the pedals I use, including a Whammy 4 which is supposed to be known for suckage when off. I notice nothing. I don't know if I'm deaf or if the tone nazis have superhuman hearing. Maybe by the time I've unplugged all the pedals from the front and from the fx loop to plug straight into the amp, I've forgotten what it sounded like before.
These go to eleven...