I'm lookin for guitar right now and ive pretty much narrowed it down to the SGs. My price limit is 1000 dollars and i live in Canada and here Sg Specials cost 1000. I could get a Standard but it will take me about 5 more months to save up for, right now i have a squier strat and i will need something new quickly. Is it worth the wait to get the standard, what is the difference. BTW the standard is 1400!
i htink the sg standard in the natural finish is sexy, but i wont get it cause sgs are top heavy and i really hate that, i would if i had the choice get the standard
Save for the SG Standard. Worlds of difference. Use you current guitar a while longer.
Deffinitly Save for the Standard. i h ave the special and i wish i had taken to the time to save up that little bit of extra cash, because now to get a standard id have to shell out another 1000 dollars!
get the standard, better quality control in the factories, youll always feel one down if you have a special, but once uve got the standard youre there
SG commando

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