Lol, this is such an original thread . Anyways I play thrash metal like Megadeth and Metallica. My budget is about $800. The guitar MUST have passive pickups stock. Floyd Rose is optional, not a must have. I don't want a B.C. Rich or an ESP. I've been looking at Schecter (C-1 Blackjack and C-1 Elite), Jackson (DK2M), and some Ibanez guitars if you have any feedback on these brands for this price range. Thanks all.
Ibanez RG1570, my friend has it and it's just soooo nice to play on that neck. It has a tremolo, and is a very good one too. The pick ups are alright, i think it would depend mostly on your amp so i don't think it would be so urgent to change them. Overall, one of their nicest guitars for such a low price in comparison to the rest of their Prestige series.