so like every word of this song is dedicated to my x girlfriend. the first part is about the initial breakup, the second part is about how all i wanted for her was the best and she ignored my opinions of where her life was going completly, tell me what you think:

and when the day ends and we set this to rest
what do i do
cuz all i wanted was simple and you made me
feel like a tool
so why, do you draw this out?
what makes this okay?
and why did you tell all of your stupid friends
that i was gay?

i think your better off alone
youlll only hurt the ones you call your own
and in time youll find
that you are so blind
and you will live forever alone.

and just one more time i think ill tell you
its not worth the time
burning my gifts like the the other guys you got bored with
just shows your a child at mind
ill try, to make you see
what your doing is wrong
so when you decide to grow some esteem and some pride
ill have waited too long

i think your better off alone
you only hurt the ones you call your own
and in time youll find
that you are so blind
and you will live forever alone.
alone perhaps?
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better off alone?
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And the Tax! Dear God! When I only get one virgin a month, I want the whole freakin' thing! The damn government shouldn't be chopping it in half
i dunno it seems like something that shouldn't be titled to label a part of the song..... i dont like to give it away yknow?
your only cure
since you kno your basicaly saying only way that persons gunna get better if they are alone sooo yaaa
just a suggestion
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yeah fire him secretly... thats what im doing except im firing myself and secretly joining someone elses band

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thanks for the compliment man!
hmm... good stuff. i would have also gone with better off alone, followed by forever alone. but if you don't want to "give it away" as you say, how about aggressive passivity? that might be a little too close to a perfect circles "passive" however.....
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