OK, help me out here. I need a song with both piano and guitar parts.

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MY cousin is here, he plays the piano. We want to do a song together (just for the hell of it.) So I need a cool song that has both a piano and a guitar part (and nothing too hard, we don't have too much time to practice) any suggestions?
I'm looking for a tab of The Marshall Plan, by Blue Oyster Cult, and of Mario Minor, by Powerglove. If you have one please PM me.
Try "Acoustic song" in my sig.

Or extentualism on Prom night by Straylight run.
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check out some of the songs from Serj Tankian's new album. if you like that type of stuff that is.
in flames?


Or Kalmah if you're into the whole melodic death metal thing
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november rain if youre skilled :p
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Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf



Can't believe i didn't think of that
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf


go with this man^

why........... song kicks ass

Gutter Ballet by Savatage

Cool toon, not too complicated, you and your cuz should be able to get it down in no time.
any doors song
the scientist by coldplay
id say jump but thats probably too hard, especially if u dont have much time to practice
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Yngwie Malmsteen - Dreaming (Tell Me)

It's keyboard but could be played on piano


He's been playing close to a year, and you're telling him to play some Yngwie? -.-

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american pie - don mclean
sympathy for the devil - rolling stones
stairway to heaven intro has an organ - led zeppelin.. gl..
Perfect Day by Lou Reed

/end of thread
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Stuff by Andrew W.K., like Party Hard or Party Party Party
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Stuff by Andrew W.K., like Party Hard or Party Party Party

andrew w.k., would you happen to have any... happier songs about partying?
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in this river - bls

That's what I was going to say.

Even though it's mostly piano, you could strum some chords over the piano.

When my friend and I play it, I don't play Zakk's solo, I usually improvise my own.
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OMG, I just remembered!

Map of the Problamatique - Muse

It's an epic song!
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Opeth - Patterns in the Ivy.

I accompanied my friend on piano for this song for his AS performance last year. Neither parts are massively difficult and it sounds pretty great.
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