I am looking for good headphones that have no problems with Distorsion. The ones I have are pretty cheap and the sound is horrible. I play with a Line-6 Spider III 30W(I know that a lot of you guys don't like this Amp, but when I play without My Headphone the sound is pretty good. But i soon as i plug my Headphones it is Just so Bad ).

I kno what u mean about the headphone sound thing. I used a Behringer V-Amp thru headphones and it sounded great. But thru an amp, idk if it would sound great. I have some Skull Candy headphones, and they sound great. You can get ones with a built-in Subwoofer booster, so those should be able to handle ur needs. Or u can get smaller ones, as the ones i mentioned before are $70 and DJ-size.
I got a pair of Phillips from Target for about $20. They work fine late at night so I do not wake the family. They sound fine for what I do with them.

I was actually blown away at some of the prices on the good ones .

its going to suck no matter what 1000$ monitor headphones you shell out for. amps just suck through headphone outs. all youre hearing is the preamp section.