Alright guys, need your input....

First off, this is not a case of GAS, although this serious thought has only been in my head for 3 days now.

Here is the situation...
I must have ADD when it comes to playing, because I find myself switching from playing my Strat (MIM), to my Epi LP Custom, to my Ibanez S470, all within an hour timeframe. I live away from home (because of work), and bought all three of these within the last year. Although they all have their unique qualities, I am finally going to consolidate with just ONE guitar that I am hoping will be my last for a long time.

My choice is the Gibson LP DC Pro. Different than the previous LP STANDARD DC, this one has 22-Frets, and CHROME (not Gold) hardware. Both of these features are a huge plus for me. Comes with 2 Burstbucker humbuckers, only 1 master Vol, 1 master Tone knob. AAA curly maple top.

The reason I am looking into this is particularly because of the LP tone it produces while being a bit lighter than the regular LPs. I dont need a trem so thats not an issue. Out off all the guitars I have played, the LP tone continues to please my ears.

Price is $1699 here in the US.

So....is it worth it? Not necessarily by price, but relative to other Gibsons out there? It is considerably cheaper than the LP Standard. Has anyone played it? I would like to know what some of you Gibson players think. I cant try one right now, because the stores around here do not have any in stock. I will eventually get around to it, but for now, I need your thoughts.

I've played both as I am shopping for double cut carved top solid bodies The sound different that a regular LP. more woody, less midrange bite. The neck tenon/joint still does not give me the upper fret access I demand, but I could live with it if I altered my style a little. I don't like the idea of a chambered body LP. I am also looking a Carvin California Carved Tops. A little cheaper but much more features and quality.
Hey udlhppi,

I believe the former STANDARD DC were CHAMBERED. The NEW LP DC PRO models are Weight Relieved. I've never been a fan of the chambered bodies, or the 24 fret, so this new model (well 2006) caught my eye even more....

Anyone else have any experience with the DC PRO?