Wow! Nice guitar playing. And I think you have a "folky" voice and playing style if that makes sense? lol. You in a band? cause you got talent. Also sounds like a well written song judging by the lyrics I hear. Nice work! You should really record some more.
Dude I really liked your song! The guitars were really catchy and I loved the lyrics; Your voice is pretty good until certain parts, mainly at the end of the choruses when you go into the lead guitar. I like your vocal style though, better singing than I can do anyway ^_^ Perhaps the only thing I can think to make this song better would be to blend the two bridge-lead parts you have into one and end on that, but that's just me, it's not my song and everyone has their own preference in this genre. Either way nice song dude, could you perhaps post the lyrics?

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Thanks guys, my voice just plain sucks in the mornings untill like 4 or 5 then it starts to clear up. Im was bored to wait till then to record something. No im not in a band, I recorded the rythem w/singing then the lead. Iv only been playing for a little over a year, singing too so i dont really know too many ppl who wanna be in a band.
dude i don't know your voice really fits this folky song, you sound like the lead singer from the eels.

haha this song totally remind me of the band i'm in...we end up making folk songs like this.. i know your voice had a coupla shaky parts, but who really cares that much?? the guitar was really awesome and your voice has potential it's really smoky and nice and i bet if you had it warmed up it would sound fantasic.

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nice guitar. really good job keeping it folky. your vocals sound pretty good. is this one take? if so, great job. you should warm up some before you do the vocals. the lead wasn't that great. the tone was a bit crappy, and it didn't seem to fit to me. your voice isn't so great at the end.

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