Alright, I probably put more thought into this song than any of my other songs. So please at least listen to it and tell whether you think it's good or not. I would really like if you guys could tell me the parts that you don't like and what I could improve on, but I'll be perfectly fine if you just say whether you liked it or not and nothing more. I just want your honest opinion. It would also be nice to get more than like 6 replies out of like 60 views.

So, yeah, lot of thought went into this one. I tried to structure it like most hardcore songs. Where they basically have an order of riffs that gets played and pretty much nothing gets repeated. I've been listening to a lot of It Dies Today lately and I decided to try a song with that structure and with a few breakdowns. So here it is. Enjoy.
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The first riff reminded me of, like This is Halloween, kind of. But after the double bass fires up I was impressed. :]
Sounds good, mayb one riff or sumthin cud get repeated mayb more melodic riffs such as pedal/galloping or wateva you want to call them in there. but sounds good to me.

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It's well structured, and flows well, but it's WAAYY too generic. If one of the hardcore section regs sees it, you will most definately be chewed out, lol.

EDIT: Oh yeah, one more thing. Not to sound anal about it, but that's metalcore dude. Yeah just trying to save you from the hardcore regs, they get mad about that kinda stuff.
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Sounds like something I would listen to. 5/5
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I thought it was ok. One major thing though, this is pretty much metalcore and not actual hardcore. I could hear the It Dies Today influence. I really didn't like Riff 4-4.5, it just sounded like Nu-Metal, IMO. Overall, this was very basic, nothing really special or anything that stood out to me.

EDIT: I have a thread with over 1,000 views and only got 24 replies.
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Hey man, 6 replies out of 60 views is good. Get used to it.

It was pretty good, but that drum kit sounded like ass for hardcore.
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lol thanks guys for all your responses. And just to clear this up. If I had meant for the song to be categorized as hardcore music, I would have put the name of the song and then hardcore in parenthesis next to it. Just like I've done on every single song I've put up here. So, since I didn't do that. That means that "hardcore song" must be the song title and have nothing to do with the genre. I don't give a crap what genre it is. I was using hardcore as an adjective to describe how hardcore the song was. But thanks for letting me know. Otherwise I probably would have called it death metal. Cuz I call Through the Eyes of the Dead and Glass Casket and **** like that death metal. But I guess they're kind of metalcore. At least that's what i've been told.

Thanks again.
sounded pretty sweet. nice riffs and the transitions sounded better than I would've expected (nothing against you, just the fact that its practically impossible to make transitions clean on gp ) but all your hard work paid off. it sounds awesome.
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Pretty sweet. Flows well. Sorry I can't go into more detail, there's not much more to improve on.

C4C? Top one in sig preferably.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho