Which bass would you recomend for the quality for the price, does anyone own a ATK i havent seen alot of them around so i was wandering if there is any reason.

Fender American Jazz Bass
Musicman Stingray
Ibanez ATK 300
Stingray FTW, but you must test it yourself. Some people hate them others love em.

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i have nothing good or bad to say about fender basses

i think that the music man series is just awful and overpriced

but i like the ibanez ATK.. im looking at it in my ibanez catalogue now, ive been wanting a paul gray sig bass for a while now, its an ATK

plus u gotta be more spesific, theres ATK300 NT, ATK300 BK, ATK 300 TFB
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I've tried all three, and it was a tie between the Jazz and the ATK. I liked the stingray too, but it wasn't really worth the price, imo.
Test them all, they all have good points and bad points.

But I'd prefer the Stingray.
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I have an older ATK. It's a really nice bass. It's a touch on the heavy side, but it's totally worth it. The reason you probably haven't seen many around is because they were out of production for a while, and Ibanez just started making them again.
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Musicman stingray if I have to chose,

I hate fenders, and I have never heard a good sounding Ibanez.

Though I would personally go for a bongo. But who am I
I'd get the Stingray, with two humbuckers, in a 5-string.

All are good basses though, you're gonna have to try 'em all.
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