Hi everyone. on tuesday i was watching the spike scream awards and at the end alice cooper and slash and rob zombie performed and alice cooper gave an amazing performance. does anyone know any good songs from him. also if u know any good iron maiden songs that would be great because i love them and i cant get enough of them
if you love them and cant get enough of them, wouldnt you know some of their songs?
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Alice Cooper:

Anything is usually pretty good.

Rob Zombie:

More Human Than Human
Living Dead Girl
Thunder Kiss 65

Iron Maiden:

The Trooper
Run to the Hills
Different World
Evil That Men Do
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Number of The Beast


Anything by him is usually pretty damn good.
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if you love them and cant get enough of them, wouldnt you know some of their songs?

I do know alot of their songs, its just i want to know some more good ones. sorry 4 not specifieing. heres wut i have

2 minutes 2 midnight
aces high
blood brothers
children of the damned
fear of the dark
flight of the icarus
hallowed be thy name
rime of the ancient mariner
number of the beast
reincarnation of benjamin breeg
the trooper
the wicker man
wasted years