I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now and i started off learning quite a few Guns'n'Roses songs. I realised lately i use a little too much vibrato when playing things. I think i picked this up while playing slash riffs as he does a lot of wide vibrato. It can get quite annoying sometimes, but it does make my playing style a little more unique. i wouldnt call it a problem..just more if a habit.
I was just wondering if anybody else does this?
I always Vibrato with a Pinch Harmonic on the lower frets lately.
It's just getting a habit, same as using my Floyd to divebomb and full up pitch as fast as possible.
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i did the same thing, started off learning gn'r and now i use way too much. your right it does make your playing more unique but sometimes i wish i didnt do it as much
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I use vibrato on every note I ring for more than 1/10 of a second.
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if you all use too much vibrato because of G'n'R, then your all the same, not unique at all
I don't use vibrato that much if I'm honest.
oh yer i forgot to mention the pinch harmonics aswel :P. I use use loadsa of vibrato on pinch harmonics as well but i think otherwise they sound a bit dull unless our doing a bend.
I'm rather in control of my vibrato. I spent plenty to time learning all of my favourite guitarist's vibrato techniques.

Sometimes I won't use any at all, sometimes I'll do the super-wide vibrato, sometimes I'll do my personal favourite - the over the top 80s bend - hold a note without vibrato, then pick it again with extreme vibrato.
hmm... vibrato... the only bad vibrato is when you consistently bend the note out of tune as you wiggle it. Otherwise, you use as much as you want... someone is bound to like it.
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I play a lot of blues so I use vibrato a lot. Mostly I'll go for a subtle B.B King or David Gilmour type vibrato, but every once in a while I'll go for a big SRV shake-the-guitar type vibrato.
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I use vibrato on every note I ring for more than 1/10 of a second.


I don't do heavy vibrato, though. Sometimes it's not too noticeable.
It really depends though.

Blues uses alot.
Metal uses fast vibrato.
Whereas normal Rock doesn't really use it.

Slash uses wide vibrato. I hate it, especially in the lower frets. Can never do it right.

But I can do Zakk Wyldes pinches and vibratos easy :S