my name is Jonas and I live in Sweden (32yo). I've just started playing guitar (well march 2007)
and I am looking for a singer, prefer english lyrics.
If anyone is interested in my little project just contact me (PM).
You record the vocals and send me the .WAV and I mix it up!
Try to aim for Draiman of Disturbed on the vocals. If you get halfway that's fine with me! ^^

My track

PS. I understand if you UG riffers want to puke all over this NU metal but I can't play anything else because I actually suck real bad BUT I am improving thanks to this lovely site! Respect!
Dude that song was okay, it wasn't as bad as you were making it sound; Sure it's nu metal and nu metal is often considered by many as weak **** that anyone can play, but for just starting that's some awesome stuff man; This genre isn't really my thing, but I respect your effort. I mainly do a lot of instrumental leads over backing tracks(http://www.myspace.com/mkylmanmusic), and at one point I wrote a lot of stuff in this genre but got really sick of it really fast ^_^ Mainly all I can say to improve is that you should try experimenting a bit more; learn some movable scales and write some simple power chord progressions and play leads over them. Eventually some sweet riffage will develop.

But I will not being doing vocals for you, since if you crit me(which I know you will), you will see why :-P

Crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=699689

thanks man... I will dedicate my next month to "scales". I know I need to get my fingers faster... it's like 75% p-chords for me now and I have to learn normal ones and leads... You can sing it! Go go go!
Thanks! Actually I only use Digitech's DF-7 and straight into Cubase. I like the tone as well. I use preset nr 5. I do some EQ and compression of course. Only record same riff twice and pan them L and R. On the chorus riff I do 4 tracks.
About leads... I'll talk to my dad's cousine. He's a riffmeister, hopefully he can work it out ^^ or me in a couple of months
The song sounded pretty cool to me, I really like your guitar tone. The drums are pretty swell as well.

I'd be willing to try some vocals for you. If you have lyrics and an idea for a melody, just PM me and we'll record you a vocal track in cakewalk.
Would be cool to hear som vocals on it... I made 2 new songs today.

Listen @ mypage: Demo tracks

Where shall I send the mp3, if you need it?