I was looking at a Schecter 007 Elite for my next guitar and noticed it had a string-through body. Looks sweet, but are there any negative side effects of this?
I was thinking after a long time it may warp the body. Am I totally paroniod...<.< >.>


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Dude, if you already have the capo just put it behind the nut and it lowers everything.

i really dont think thats anything you need to worry about. it would take a WHOLE LOT more to warp the body. you should be fine
No, it won't warp the body. You are paranoid.
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Deffinitely wnt warp the body.
The only disadvantage would be that there would be more strings being used from the string ferrules to the tuners, but thats only a problem if your using baritone guitars
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my only problem is that i save my old strings in case they break and i don't have an extra new one

and its next to impossible to get the curled end back through the body.
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I have a question for all of you with string-through guitar bodies. Is sustain really improved with the design?

Just curious, don't mean to hi-jack the thread at all.

The only con I can really see (i own a string thru myself) is that it uses more of the string - and since I doubt there are any string thru baritones out there, your totally fine. Ah, and another con - if the string snaps by the tuners, then you prolly wont be able to restring the guitar again with the same string.