should i wright songs by look looking at a key and seeing if it stays in a key or write what sounds good even if its not in a specified key?
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umm usually it sounds good if its in the same key, but i guess you dont have to stay in key?
just close your eyes adn play the colors you see like hendrix did
if you manage to make something that sounds good, chances are it probably does stay mostly to a particular key
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it really depends..... its gonna sound bad if you go out of key, but it could be the sound your going for. my bad writes some really heavy diminished almost primus-like songs, and a lot of stuff sounds out of key, but thats what fits the song

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Its always nice to stay in the same key, though it gets boring after awhile. You need to explore deeper into your songs and see what sounds good. Its always fun to go out of key (and if it sounds good, then even better!).
Quote by lua4x
should i wright songs by look looking at a key and seeing if it stays in a key or write what sounds good even if its not in a specified key?

just write in the key first, then if it sounds not-quite-right, fix it.

get Finale Notepad, it's awesome for trying stuff out.
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There no right way of writing songs really but usually when you write something it should be in the right key otherwise it may sound odd but if you like what your making, don't stop because of the opinions of other people. It's your music.
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Do what sounds good. CHANGE keys during the song if you want.
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remember that theory isnt a rule, its a guideline. Sure if you stay in the guideline, it will be proven to sound more melodic and such, but you never know what you might come up with. Or, If you are really good, pick random notes, consider their intervals keeping in mind diatonics and harmonic scales, and make the notes work yourself. Ive noticed danny elfman actually does that a good bit.
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Writing in key will mean nearly always the notes will sound "right". However going out of key for dissonance, or making it sound a bit "wrong" to create tension makes the music more interesting in a lot of people's opinion.
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