I just put up some of my midi compositions on myspace, and although the sound quality and instrument tones are not very good, could you please give me feedback on the actual compositions (i.e. melodies, chords, arrangements, etc.)?


Just as a warning: not all of the songs are complete. Here is a rundown of the tracks currently on the web.

Eden: one of my earliest compositions, this is the finale to a ten minute piece of music that I composed for English class as a project on John Milton's Paradise Lost. I am not satisfied with the ending of it, but the general theme and arrangement make it one of my favorites.

Reflecting On Sunbeams: my newest composition, this is my first attempt at using the traditional Chinese pentatonic scale. I was influenced to compose this after listening to traditional Chinese music played on guqin, zheng, and pipa (by Guan Pinghu, Zeng Chengwei, and Liu Fang, if your interested). As a song, it is nowhere near complete, but I really like how this scale and style sounds and intend to continue working on this song and other songs of a similar style.

God: this is another section of my Paradise Lost project. It is supposed to show God sitting up in Heaven telling all of the angels what is going to happen. The midi file sounds don't do justice to my intentions here (well, they rarely do justice to any of my intentions in compositions, but here it is especially noticeable), but if you can get over very cheesy and unbalanced sounds, I think it is worth your time. There is a trombone solo in the middle that is my favorite part of the piece, but in transferring the file from MIDI to MP3, this solo got somewhat buried by the other instruments. Try to listen for it - its worth the effort.

Las Chatungas de Madridejos: last summer I had the opportunity to visit Spain and stay with a family there. The many interesting kinds of music I heard when I was there had a profound affect on my guitar playing when I got home. I bought a classical guitar in Spain and tried to emulate what I heard in Spain. This is a compositional midi rendition of some of these ideas that I acquired on my trip. This song is not complete and therefore has no ending, but the part that is up shows and integration of some Spanish themes and my own musical tastes.

So, if you would, please visit the site:


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