wow i really liked that. it kinda remined me of somethign id write, except yours is better of course...

so the song was really chill and soft, and had an awesome melody. in fact, i can picture hearing this on the radio, and everyone in the car goes quiet... ya know? it's not a background song, it's a listening song...

plus i think it had a Police-ish feel to it, dont know why, but it did...

overall excellent song, nice melody and very peaceful!

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Listened to "Intercession of the Mind." AWESOME! I really like it! Just add some vocals and you're good to go.
Enjoyed greatly reminded me somewhat of The Pixes's stuff.

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guitar tone could have been better. it was really bassy and i think its a bit out of tune. the vocals were very cool. very classic feeling. nice job, but could be improved with more variation.

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You think the guitars out of tune? Thanks for the vocals Um, yeah the guitar is bassy because I'm recording on a crappy 4-track so it doesn't equalize ****.

As variation goes, I didn't know any other things I could add to it.

^to the person above me.

Yeah the Pixies were a big influence for writing this song but lyrically its different and less cryptic than their stuff.