Hey everyone, looking to reverse my control plate on my tele. I want to keep the volume pot closest to me, so i was thinking, could i just switch the pots round instead of re-wiring them? And the pickup selector can just be unscrewed and turned around if I'm right. If so this means I won't have to do any soldering which I'd prefer. Any insight on to this please?
Yes, its possible if the wires are long enough. In my tele they weren't, so I had to replace some of them.
Yeah, mine were too short too. It worked out for a while, but one of the wires worked itself loose and I'm gonna have to find a longer piece.

Also, the thingie on the pickup selector can be nigh impossible to get off. I bent my plate slightly trying to pry it loose.
I had the plate and pickup selector out earlier with no probs, so I'm alright on that bit. I'll give it a bash tommorrow probably.
Tomorrow? Why not just do it now? All it takes is five minutes, a philips head screwdriver and a spanner.