Hey I have a question about IcyHot vs. Bengay. Now don't start this into a "Rub IcyHot on it" thread. That joke is old.

Anyays, I have some pain in my calf muscle, I think I pulled or maybe have a slight tear in it. Should I've been using Bengay, but it only works for about a half hour then the pain is back. Is IcyHot better than Bengay?
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I think it's a bit stronger, but I could be wrong.

Try a heating pad, maybe?
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Ralgex? It's what I use over here in the U.K.
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i used to use tiger balm alot. i find it helps. also A535. but it's pretty much the same as icyhot. My mom once dropped some icyhot on her dresser and it stripped the paint right off of it (it was painted blue). just a random story.
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