so on halo 3.
i got it today, im on Mission 3 where you must destroy the big crabby machine robot thing.
and it says i have to get inside and destroy the core.
but i do not know what the core is.

can anybody help?

and tell me if i need a specific weapon to destroy it.

It's in the back, and the big crabby machine robot thing is a Scarab.

Good luck!

EDIT:What he said.
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Alright, the first thing you have to do is shoot rockets at two if its joints, and then it will go down for a time. While it is down, go around to the back , and theres a place where you can jump in. There may be someone on a turret, and a few enemies, but just kill them. After you do that, you will go up a ramp, and then you will be on the ouside part of the scarab. Go around to the back, and there will be a glowing thing that looks kinda like a shield, with a light in the middle. Shoot it until it is gone and one the light starts flahing red, get out of there, and wait and watch. The explosion really is pretty