I've been wanting to get new pickups for my MIM Strat, but i can't decide on which ones, im looking at Noiseless pickups, and Texas Special pickups. I put noiseless pickups on my squier and it sounded ALOT better, it was a mistake, in a way im glad i did put them in. Anyway, i like noiseless cause you dont get that single coil noise, and it gives a nice pure single coil sound out of it (in my opinion). While for Texas Special pickups i heard they were pretty good, its good for distortion and what not, and im curious to see if they are any good but i don know anyone who has them. I play Ska-punk, classic rock, some 80s van halen style kind of stuff, and im getting into some jazz stuff
Oh and i already have a good amp, so all i think i need is the pickups.