Howdy guys, I was looking for some opinions. I played the Taylor 110e for the second time yesterday and fell in love. I was amazed, it sounded better than the $2100 Martin's. It has a Sitka Spruce Top, and Sapele Laminate for the back/sides. I was looking to see what you guys think of it, as to find out if it really is all that...or was I blinded by my current infatuation? Thank you so much for your help.
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meh, i think it's way overpriced personally. imo, you're blinded by your infatuation. until you get up into the 300 series, new taylors aren't anything special.
i'd try others in that price range just to make sure of everything, but other than that, im pretty sure its a good guitar.
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Don't get caught up in the name. I know that theres some Takamines that are around the same price that sound much better.
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And Alvarez's have some good models in that price range. In fact, jimtaka just posted a list of good guitars in that price range in another thread

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