Here's my lyrics called Winner Spirit.

I need to talk
I need to understand
My emotion is sad
I own my own land.

You don’t know how I feel
What I think isn’t real
What you know and don’t know
Is what I do and don’t show.

My world is unfair
They don’t seem to get it
As I lay on the cold floor
Thinking and forgetting.

Why does it have to be this way?
No one else will know
What I do to myself alone
But what I do won’t hurt me at all.

I think and I think
Don’t believe it, just can’t
Can’t pray, can’t talk
Can’t talk, can’t pray.

If I tell you
You’ll just laugh
You won’t listen
You’ll just talk behind my back

Why can’t you listen?
Really, that’s all I need
I’m not joking,
I’m really serious.

If you want me to die
That’s fine with me
But I’m staying alive
No matter what it takes.

You’ll just make fun of me
I don’t like you anymore
I seriously need my real friends
That will never be waiting at the door.
They always listen
They always care
They give me advice
And ideas are what we share.

Explain to me, why,
Why can’t you just accept me?
If you did, I’d be so happy
If you didn’t I’d be mad.

I need you all now
But I can’t get to you
I need my music
Can’t have that either.

Why won’t they listen?
Why can’t they understand?
I’m just a kid
I need to feel like I’m loved.

No one cares about me
And that’s a true fact
Maybe a couple people do
But I will never know.

Please cheer me up
I’m not an emo kid
Just look at my wrists
You can see for yourself.

I need to feel cared about
Because it’s all hard otherwise
I’m not close to anyone
I live on my own.

I need to be saved
I need to be rescued
But it’ll never happen
I will just fail.

I failed, didn’t die
Well maybe I died inside
But I am still alive
Yes, I’m still alive.

Lock me in a room
Full of people I hate
I will sit in a corner
Alone and cold.

The people party all night
When I’m with no one
One person is all I need
And I’m set for life.

Must be loud
Must be exciting
Must be daring
Must be proud.

I need a winner spirit
I need to live my life
Which I am doing
And will never end.

Hope you all like it.