Poll: is getting guitar hero 3
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HEck yes wooo!!
26 39%
No way
28 42%
dont have money because i waste it on weed
12 18%
Voters: 66.
i'm planning on getting halo 3 (i know, i'm a bit late) so no
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Well, I have the money, but I'd rather spend it on marijuana and mushrooms.

Plus, I don't have a PS3, nor an XBOX360.

And. Rock Band looks 100x better.
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i might i htink its fun, or at least play it at a friends, tonnes of ugers hate it, and i htink its cause they think they'll rock cause they play normal guitar and then suck as bad as everyone else.
im so getting it, i suck at it even though i play guitar XD
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I rarely play video games, so won't get it. Would love to play it though. Looks like jolly good fun.
It's gonna be a blue day
I'm getting it tomorrow and it's gonna be awesome
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Whats the UK relese date?

I cant get answers from google or gaming sites. Only the USA date.
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It wouldn't interest me to be honest. I've never played it but it seems like wasting time you could use to actually play guitar though.
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i'm planning on getting halo 3 (i know, i'm a bit late) so no

Don't worry, I'm still saving up for the original Super Mario Bros.
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No... Im spending my money on making my knew one
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I don't have money because I waste it on Marijuana.

That, and it's a stupid game.

"LOL, I can play Crossroads on Guitar hero!"

"I can play it on a real guitar."

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It's a horrible game. It's all about clicking certain buttons at the right time in the right succession... What's fun about that? You might as well write a book word for word into notepad, that's about equally fun.

It's the kind of thing that's ruining computer games these days. Good games require you to think, they require you to be creative... Games like these just require you to spend a lot of time playing.
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its going to be the death of me.
ive asked for it for Christmas (because im a cheap ass) i cant wait. 1 month 28 days
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