Sounds great , it flows great. But man, you need to get a drummer! Would kick ass to hear some badass drumming in there, rather than the digital stuff, but it sounds great even as it is.

Liked the solo and liked the effects on the vocals, keep it up :3
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Thanks for listening chris..

Like I said several times, I love your interchangeable style in composing.. I really like it when you do funky stuff And rock as well.. Still, you need to find a new drum machine and improve your overall production cause the music is great so are the vocals but you put TOO much reverb in the vocals Makes them sound kind of weird..

Anyway, great song man.. Get Acoustica beatcraft or smth, lol

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yeah, i have no money right now so....thanks for the crit. good job being honest
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thanks for the crit.

the intro was killer. i like how the vocals and guitar fit together. the vocals sound really good, but I think the singer missed a note once or twice. nothing major. it would sound cool with real drums also. solo was good, i liked the tone. overall good song.
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Thanks for the crit.

Now lets see:
Nice intro. Not a big fan of the drums though.
The vocals fits the song well too. Maybe a bit to much reverb.
I like the riffs too. You need to drop some of the reverb on the solo. But it was nice
The song doesn't get boring or repetive.
Good job
Hey, I love the tone, not my style but the tone is great and I do find myself listening to this type of stuff every once in a while...
Vocals: The reverb is a bit high I feel like I would be able to connect with them more if I could understand everything, the mix is good but I would EQ the vocals with a much higher treble / mid range, this will make everything very clear...

The drums sound good as well, but make sure your using the EQ again because when you have a high bass / mid end it comes out smuggy....

It sounds good tho, keep it up
Great job!

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thanks guys. i tend to try to disguise my vocal failings in reverb. it's a bad habit, but i'm working on it
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Listening now. Not bad starting off. I can tell you are trying to hide your vox in reverb and behind the guitars. Bring them forward, they aren't bad. You're just self conscious. You sound like the singer from exit 380 (www.myspace.com/exit380). Is there reverb on the guitars? It sounds a bit cluttered at times. Maybe bring down the rhythm guitar volume a little. The chorus riff is pretty good. Clean up the distortion a little. Woulda liked to hear a little more outtro clean guitar is thats what you were trying to do. Seems like it went into and just fell off. As it is it doesn't really fit. Lengthen it out and it might. Bring your vox forward and try not to drench them in so much reverb. You've got a decent voice, just sing with confidence and you'll be fine. Keep it up man

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Listening to it now. Really cool, the drums sound really good with the guitar, good guitar riff. The vocals almost collide with the guitar too much tho, maybe because of the reverb, which sounds odd. Over all its really cool tho, i like the feel of the song, good bass stuff. It really good, your vocals are pretty good, just keep working at it. Keep working on it and this song could be really good!

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