Well friends, soon I will be moving from Georgia to Oregon. I have a Marshall JVM410H, and I want to make sure it gets to my destination safe and sound. I am planning on taking the tubes out, and labeling them so the same ones go back where they used to be. Any other suggestions on how to pack it, or anything in general, just let me know.


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Yes! Finally! I've been looking for a thread like this for ages, I just haven't bothered to make one. I have the same kinda situation, getting a Fender BJ from UK to Egypt by plane... no idea what to do.
Sorry if this is a thread hijack mate, but I've got the same problem as you basically
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ive gotten amps from cross country with barely any protection(shipped UPS!) and the tubes have survived.
if you want to be anal. get a (good)roadcase.
or just double box it, fill it with packing peanuts(bitch to get out later though) and wrap it with bubble wrap.