Well i went and saw a 5150 BLOCK head today, he had the matching cab when i was playing it but it was already sold but i told him id give him $50 exta if he would sell it to me..then he said he was selling it for $550 to this one guy, so i took my 5150 and left.

So, im need of a cab I really kinda like 5150..sounds more heavy he had some marhsall cab that he hooked up it wasnt ..im wanted to say the 1970 or something like that..i think it was the MG cab really (But i understand that it was a MG cab)

But..im really looing into cabs..i looked at all the local music shops and pawn shops (nearly got jumped dont were a watch to a pawn shop in downtown) and i only found a crate to the soild half stack they have and it looked gay.

I was looking at avatar cabs they didnt look to great, but id rather it sound better then look better or course.

So i need some help getting a cab..i mean i have a 5150 sitting in my room and its driving me C R A Z Y.

Thanks..open to suggestions. Please only post if your trying to help and not trying to be a dick.

EDIT : i have more then $200 to spend. I have more towards $500.
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vader 2x12. will eat that cab you heard earlier alive.

^ thanks

forgot about vader..ive never heard IRL but i bet i could find something on youtube