For me it is. I was reading PCzone and found that Ubisoft have released some of their older games (Far Cry, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, and THE SMASH HIT RAYMAN: RAVING RABBITS!) for free with ads and thought "awesome! I wanted to get Far Cry!" and yet... the f88kers only let you download it if you're in the US! C88TS! ABSOLUTE F88KING TWATS!

So here's my ethical/moral quandry: should I merely accept this and give up/buy it for £5 or so off of the internet or torrent it?

I fully condone and applaud Ubisoft in their move and hopes it helps against piracy (which is obviously far more discussed here about music but is a problem in games too) and catches on but seriously, HOW COULD THEY TEMPT THE WHOLE WORLD LIKE THIS!?!?

I have only ever downloaded one game before (GTA:Vice City but I have bought every other one in the GTA series) but am actually tempted to download this and imagine the ads.

So what should I do? Feelings on this concept? DISCUSS!

(and for you lucky US f88kers, here's the link to get it ad-supported: http://www.fileplanet.com/180410/180000/fileinfo/Far-Cry-Full-Game-%5BFree-Game---Ad-Supported%5D )
Buy it, I mean, 5 quid isn't that much is it? I paid a tenner for mine, and it's an awesome game...but the second is better imo
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torrent it

problem solved
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You can get GTA2 for free

Oh aye I know, I got GTA2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, back when games still came in big carboard boxes rather than DVD cases. *checks box* 1999.
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how can you get Vice City?

Oh I torrented that. It buggered up anyway actually after a while so meh.