Yep, that old badger again

But basically, how did you first learn the fretboard and its notes?

I'm pretty sure this would make things ALOT easier but it's a big task

Just spend a day each on one note and etc or are there any other ways of doing it?
i had a chart in the booklet of an instructional video (that was the most useful part of it!) that showed them all.

if you cant find one, try writing one out yourself
its all chromatic notes from A to G (as you no doubt guessed) with sharps (or flats, however you work it) in between every note apart from B and C, and E and F, which are next to eachother.

the 12th fret and the open string are octaves, so once you reach there you're just repeating yourself, but its worth learning past there so you're certain.
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learn what each of the strings are, then work out the other notes on the frets by counting up notes or whatever
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Hmmm... I use to help my singing too. I just go E (sing e) F....F# G G# A and so on, up to the 12th fret on all the strings and then when I go back I do the flats instead of sharps. So Ab instead of G#
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I found that learning to read standard notation helped me learn the fretboard pretty quickly
Notation is just how you write music down, tab is a form of it, as is musical notation (with as vai puts it, the pretty dots)

I know the names of the strings and various notes around the place, but it's just learning them well enough to say, play a riff and then know what notes i've played without having to sit for ten minutes slowly figuring out
sight read notation. at tempo. with other people watching.

pressure will force you to learn quick.
Also, practice scales and arpeggios saying the note names as you play them.
For those of you who say "learn notation/sight reading" - where would I start on doing that? :S
Well, when I first started playing my teacher showed me an easy way to memorise the fretboard. He told me to memorise the notes on the frets with fret markers on the low E and A strings. Then he showed me how the notes on the G and D strings were octaves to that of the low E and A strings, respectively. The notes on the B string were what I had to memorise.
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there is a fret board trainer at www.musictheory.net

its not how i learned, but enjoy!
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For those of you who say "learn notation/sight reading" - where would I start on doing that? :S

Get some sheet music, learn to read it at www.musictheory.net and then start learning simple songs from standard notation.
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Also, don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. People struggle to learn the notes because they look at the fretboard and freak out because they see 110 individual notes that they have to learn, when in reality there's only 12 you need to learn because the pattern that they follow simply keeps repeating.

Once you get your head round that it becomes a lot less daunting.
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