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202 84%
Voters: 240.
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I was going to say a sarcastic "yes" and then make fun of people who do... but I thought I'd be nice and stop myself .
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I'd do it on a black fender strat with white pick-guard, for that "punk-look". But NEVER NEVER NEVER F*CKING EVER on my sunburst strat.
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I did on my first guitar. Although its now getting refinished. Besides that, hell no.
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touche sir.
UGlians! thats awesome XD

but yea.. stickers are a big nono.. even when i was young, the only place i'd put a sticker wason the pickguard.. so if i got tired of it, i could remove it without damaging the finish
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no, although I would like it's name ingraved in it on the back with golden letters
No way, not ever I stick them all over my hardcase though, it looked too new and perfect.
I'm not a fan of stickers at all, so I won't put them on my guitar either. I guess it's ok for that "grungy" look, but I wouldn't do it to my guitar.

And I agree with p-nutz: stickers on your case = win
dudes! this like 50 year old guy i know put f**king noddy stickers on his les paul studio!
i think hes well...not all there y'know
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check my pics lol but other than my peice of **** target starter guitar no ****in way most guitars are too nice and it makes um look cheap but i agree with the black w/ white pickguard punk strat idea
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This guitar just wouldn't have the same charm without them.
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I put the British Target (the red white and blue one) on the back of my first guitar. I really like the British target so why not.. and it's pretty small too... I would never put more stickers on any of my guitars... It just makes it a bit more personal if you do it with style. I really don't like guitars with stickers all over.
That Ibanez looks horrible

Anyways, a small amount of stickers on like the arm contour (On a strat) on on the pickgaurd can sometimes look alright. But when they're covered they look like ****.
i do on the back top corner sometimes, just for a laugh

or ones that fit the guitar well
ie. my old tele had an "adult channel" sticker on the gaurd that looked cool

my rg550 has one of the incredibles on the back!

but no stickers on the front
Stickers on guitars are both pretentious and childish.
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Nah, I respect my guitar more than to put stickers on

I also think personally they look horrible with stickers.
**** no. If I want to personalise a guitar, I do it properly and mod it or give it a custom finish or order a custom shop model or some such. Stickers? I'll throttle anyone who puts a sticker anywhere near one of my instruments.
My squier strat (In the process of a full on upgrade) has a Black Label Society sticker on the top corner (Got it off Zakk at a signin )

Hell no on any other guitar!

My les paul and SG are fine as they are!
Yes, its a black fender squire strat and it doesnt look bad.
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This guitar just wouldn't have the same charm without them.

PG is probably the only guy who can put stickers on an RG and still be awesome.

So I say no, especially if your guitar has a quilt maple top (like mine ).
I've got a couple of stickers on the side of my amp but never on my Schecter.
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if it is a cheap guitar then I would do it, if it passes the $300 dallar mark (which is still cheap) then no....
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I have one sticker on mine. I only put it on because the side had big chip and i wanted to cover it up somehow.
I have a couple on my old Ibanez, but nothing on the others, although I see no problem with throwing some stickers on a nice guitar, just look at Joe Strummer's Tele.
If I had a fat strat or some other plain colored fender style guitar I'd cover it in stickers, and probably write on the pickguard. But on my beautiful Schecter??? Hell no.
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