Which one is better? The Peavey JSX or the Carvin V3.



I need a VERY versitle amp. I've heard great things about the carvin but none of my local music stores have one. They've only got the JSX. And also, why is the carvin so much cheaper? Is it just one of those brand name things, like gibson, that since peavey is a more well known brand you pay a little extra?
I play a lot of different styles. Mainly I play metal/hard rock type stuff, so i need loads of gain. But I also play blues, rock, punk, ska, and stuff like that, so i need a good crunch channel as well. I also want a very clear, crisp clean channel for indie, jazz, reggae and funk too. Any help is aprreciated.
Carvin products are cheap because they don't spend as much money on advertising and endorsements as other companies do. I've personally never tried the V3, but I have a good bit of experience with JSXs, and they are extremely, extremely versatile, and they sound fantastic.
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I vote JSX.

V3 have nice cleans... but JSX beat with crunch.
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