Poll: how many hours a day do you practise?
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View poll results: how many hours a day do you practise?
0-1 hour
49 19%
1-2 hours
95 36%
58 22%
3-4 hours
28 11%
4 or more hours
31 12%
Voters: 261.
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i my self aim for around two hours a day what about you guys?
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i dont stop

but seriously i usualy sit around play my guitar all day and on school days its after school/at lunch

and of course whenever i get a good riff idea, or inspiration to take on stream of consciousness again
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ok i have like no friends so all i relly do is play guitar.

it makes me feel cool lol
maybe an hour or two a day. but when i get my new s470 ill play all the time
2-3 hours a day... on weekends

during weekdays i barely get any
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With school and football, I don't get very much on the weekdays, Maybe around and Hour or less. On weekends I get about 2 - 4 Hours usually.
Once I get home, I have it on for a few hours, then shower and homework, then it's back on for a couple more hours until I go to sleep. On weekends, maybe an hour or two.
For me its usually about an hour and on the weekend a couple of hours. I dont really sit down and practice with a solid regime i usually just plug in crank it up and play my favourite tunes.
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when i was in high school it was about 3+ hours every day. but with university much less, there are days when i dont even get to pick up my guitar , but im getting a gibson SG standard in a month or 2, that'll gimme some motivation.
it depends on the day
some days i´m busy and i play for the most 1 hour,or
maybe its a day that i have a lot of free time and i play like 2-3
so an average of 1-2
used to be 6 hours a day, 10 on weekends. I'm planning on taking back that schedule, even though I was failing school because I didn't do homework, and I'm skipping college for it too :P
Yea, John Petrucci has some nice time warping skills.

on weekends i usually get 2+ but during the week im lucky if i get 1. I have school, and football just got over with so its getting better, but wrestling is coming up so that will further limit my time.
Some days I'll play all day non-stop. Other times, I'll go 3-4 days without playing for a single second. I have no regular routine or time for my playing - I actually find I play better that way.
I try to get an hour in every day. I want to be good but I don;t want to lock myself in a room and play for 9 hours a day or something stupid. I just got a new amp and have played for 5 hours straight, because it sounds so good, and also to get to grips
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After school, maybe 2 hours, weekends, all day.

Ill sit with a guitar in my lap when im on WoW or wahtever and practise/learn songs
I make in at least 5 hours a day, though I aim for 6. Normally I get six in on the week days and weekends, though for the weekends I try to practice longer than 6 - it neer works
depends if I jam with my band or not, usually at least an hour, if I jam with my band 4 or more hours.
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If you were John Petrucci you'd do about 64 hours a day.
I usually do about 3-5.

how many hours are in a day? on weekdays i dont practice much but on weekends i practice A LOT!!!!! i cant stop
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I'm not realy sure how much a play a day...it's a lot.
On weekdays, I bring my guitar to school, and me and my friends will jam around in the parking lot before school starts, and then after school, I practice with my band, or occasionaly jam with different people..weekends I dont get quite as much in, mabey an hour or 2 on weekends.
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For me its usually about an hour and on the weekend a couple of hours. I dont really sit down and practice with a solid regime i usually just plug in crank it up and play my favourite tunes.


I think its the best way. You never bore yourself. Do some workouts etc occasionally but as long as you keep challenging yourself with songs you can learn this way. It's worked for me.
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how many hours are in a day? on weekdays i dont practice much but on weekends i practice A LOT!!!!! i cant stop

John Petrucci plays so fast that he goes back in time, that's how he manages 64 hours a day, but he also gets older faster.
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i dunno exactly how long, but i think its about 3-4 hours...
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An hour a day at least and if I can find the time I just go over my current riff list (small as it may be)

8PM every night unless I have a headache (which is quite often due to stress!)
Well I got insomnia, so I usually just hang with friends or whatever during the day maybe get in an hour or so then play all night if I can unless I end up falling asleep (Not usually) nice little cycle of awesome.
School days around 5 hours a day.

Weekends usually around 7-8 hours.

With obvious interruptions of course (going out with friends etc.)
I used to have enough time to go about 4-5 hours of practice each day, but since more and more people want custom guitars, and it's my unfortunate job to make them. I have about 2 hours a day, including weekends, excluding band-practice-weekends, when we go about playing,drinking and smoking pot for 20 hours straight.

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I usually get in about an hour an a half a day on weekdays, and about 4 - 5 hours on the weekends.
Well im not sure. Now I go to college a get home an hour later than normal so thats cut it down alot.

So i play normaly 1 and a half hours at least. And then while im on the computer ill play. Which is normally about 2 - 3 hours a night so? 2 hours at least.
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I put 4 or more, because I pretty much play guitar when I'm not doing anything else. I'll find myself playing for 6 hours at a time.
About 3-4 hours on average... Even when I'm hanging out with my friends I'm playing guitar.
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Normally less than an hour on weekdays if I can at all, some of us have to earn a living! This past weekend I've probably played for about 10 hours: just bought an American Deluxe Strat
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how many hours are in a day? on weekdays i dont practice much but on weekends i practice A LOT!!!!! i cant stop

Didn't you know that John Petrucci can time warp in order to get those few extra hours?

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weekdays, usually 2-3 1/2. weekends, anywhere up to six hours.


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