hey guys. i need some help as to which tube amp to get. should i buy 2 epi vvalve juniors or a orange tiny terror. i play a lot of metal and hard rock. thanks
Why would you buy two Valve Juniors? o.0

The Tiny Terror would do those styles better than the VJ, perhaps.
id get 2 epi valve junior and a pedal/pedalboard with a stereo output (meaning u can plug it into 2 amps) i know that boss ME-50 has it, and alot of digitech pedals have it
Id say get the Orange. VJs dont have EQs, so itll cost extra for one or 2 of those. And you would also need a Splitterbox or a good Stereo Chorus pedal. The Orange would be better for gigs and practice, where the VJs would be better for a studio or something like that.
Tiny Terror without a doubt. I have a VJ and it's great, but nothing compared to a tiny terror.
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Yeah, but you probably wouldn't get much of a clean tone out of it unless you messed about with the settings and rolled back your guitar's volume a fair bit.