So, today I did some volunteer work with a guitar playing friend of mine and my drummer, we were teaching kids how to play, but nobody showed up so we just jammed.
We all used to be in a band together, but me and drummer left guitar kid and another, not present bass kid to form our own band. So anyway, we got there, set up and began to play. For background, all of us knew im the better guitarist than the other kid, but I never brag or anything, so it's kinda only said between drummer and I. Anyway, we started playing and I pretty much blew everybody away, (again, stating truth, not bragging) and my other friend just kinda stopped playing. My question is, was I a jerk, going in there and playing my best, blowing him away?
Or should I have played crappy?
Just want your opinions..... By the way, I did not brag at all, im just stating facts in the paragraph.
Oh yea, I could tell he was a little mad because the little kids thought I was like Jesus or something
Well, you shouldn't exclude people from music because they aren't up to par with you, but don't let them hold you back from your full potential. When you jam with them, don't dumb down your music. Play it the way you usually play, but don't be a show-off in front of him because you're a bit better.
Try and show him some licks or something(again, don't be a douche about it) and try and keep him involved.
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well you should play to the best of your abilities to further music and be creative, and he should do the same.

it does sound like your bragging a little bit, but its immature of him to be angry at you because you have more talent/feel/experience whatever
yeah my bro does that to me all the time when we jam, it sucks but no your not really being a douche or anything but it can be disheartening when you playing and someone shows you up like nothing. best way to handle that get him to play rhythm (if hes not to terrible) for a while tell him what chords you want....works for me at least.
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