Still have no idea of how to call this... whatever it will be.
Stopped here, yet to finish - searching for at least some kind of acknowledgement.. you know how it is - you write things and nobody cares of what are you doing (frankly, this is what these lyrics are actually about), I will rather hear "this is crap" than "uhm, yeah... cool, bye". Feel free to say whatever you think.

I'm the crusader and you're heretic, my friend
I will cleanse your body by this unholy hand
Screaming insanity is tearing my chains
Hourglass of patience running out of grains

My friend, help me, put me in the cage
For sake of yourself meeting my rage
Cursed symbols burning in my eyes
Thirsting to see how mans' selfishness dies

My friend, help me, soothe this hate
For sake of ones I love, before it's too late
Corrupted hand reaching for the blade
Hungry to feel how mans' ignorance fades