i would like to get comments on all aspects, my guitar solos,tone, song writing, recording, everything. i will gladly crit for crit. also, feel free to crit all of the songs.

the songs are on my profile. im looking specifically for comments for the song lord i know that. but all are welcome. thank you
OK, I'll do an in depth crit, since that seems to be what you want.

Guitar: I liked the intro guitar, with the subtle lead bit, fitted in very nicely with the feel of the song, and if I'm not mistaken, there are song strings heard in the background? Either that or I'm getting some dissonance from my speakers, but if they're not there, you should add them for more atmosphere.

Tone: Great tone, I'm assuming you're using a strat on this? Sounds a lot like it, and the overdriven solo towards the end is very good, if a little predictable, just I could generally tell where you were going with each part, might be an idea to throw something else in the mix.

Recording quality sounds as good as any studio recording, and the lyrics aren't generic sounding compared to a lot of other stuff.

I really thought that was an excellent song, one of the best I've heard on here to be honest with you, keep it up.

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Funny words.
I really like the guitar. Great tone, and great playing. The recording quality was very good, and overall the whole thing is very catchy. I think you have a really good voice. I will admit, that I did not care for the lyrics but only because I'm not into Christian rock kind of stuff. I'll take that back, I liked the lyrics. They were very well written and they sounded good with the music. I'm just not into that genre. But excellent playing and excellent quality.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=701060
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hey thanks alot guys. im about to start classes here in about 25 minutes, so i will crit you guys back when my day is over, thanks so much for the positive feedback. its helpful to know other peoples opinions.
I love the song man. Professional recording also.. Great song..

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i just crited you guys back. thanks alot.
anyone else want to crit me? thanks