Before now, I didn't believe it existed. But now, I know.

Earlier today, I found myself standing in my kitchen, searching for a food to satisfy my hunger. I hadn't eaten all day, and it was now lunchtime. I opened the fridge and began sifting through the seemingly endless array of food in front of me.

Hotdogs? No, I had had them the night before. Yougurt? No, I wanted something warm.....

This went on for what seemed like hours when I realized that there was nothing I wanted in my fridge. What was I to do?

I picked up the phone book and found the number. There it was, the seven-number code to the cure for my hunger. I called the Italian place down the street and told them to have prepared for me the following:

1 12-inch Steak and Cheese with the works
1 Large order of Cheese Fries with a side cup of ranch dressing

When the food arrived, I dove into it like a bear into a freshly killed deer. Tearing through the hoagie in a matter of minutes, I began to feel.....tired. I then ate some of the cheese fries, which caused an extreme fatigue to set in. I immediately went to my bed, where I slept for 2 hours.

It was the itis. I know it.

Anyone else ever get this?
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I imagine it's because your body was using up more energy to digest the, what sounds like, highly delectable meal.
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if you're talking about sleepiness after eating, than yea I get it all the time at school
right after lunch, I get so sleepy in class
my psychology teacher said its because the body works on digestion more than brain activity after a person is done eating
No, you're probably the first.
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myabe we all suck thats why were sitting at a computer desk talking **** thro the enternet lol

If not all of us, at least him.

dont you people watch the boondocks?
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why are metal musicians prone to fatness?
Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
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dont you people watch the boondocks?

I thought he was talking about that episode

One of the best ones...
Everyone in the park turns into like itis feinds and gets all fat

but No, it's never happened to me.
i wish there was food that was that good.
I had a Donut-Ham Hamburger last week and I didn't even fall asleep in the class I had right after.

If you don't get the Itis from the Donut-Ham Hamburger, you're not going to get the itis ever.

Also, I love the Itis episode of the Boondocks...
Thursday I had the greatest case of Itis ever.

I ate school lunch for the first time in a while- I was feeling pretty risky. So I went to my final class- I was cold- even though I had on a sweater and was sitting by the heat, so I borrow a kids jacket- it was wool. Needless to say I was full and warm

To add on to that I had gone to bed very late the night before.

So I slept like a baby in that class...
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I don't believe I've ever had that. Shame really.
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All you did was make me incredibly hungry