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Guitar Techniques - If you really want to learn above all else from a guitar mag it's the best by a long way.
I picked up a Guitar Techniques mag at the train station but I didn't understand half of it tbh. It's pretty advanced IMO, for me anyway. Guitarist is great though.
ACOUSTIC, not sure if its available in the US.

total guitar is a pile of wank while we are on the subject.
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total guitar is a pile of wank while we are on the subject.

I like Guitar Player's more sophisticated image and less biased reviews, but Guitar World always has at least one tab from a band I like every month. Well, almost every month.
UG should have its own guitar magazine!!
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Guitar World indeffinately, I'm so pissed I missed the Nov. Issue, it looked to be awesome.

Guitar Edge is awesome as well, but it's mainly just tabs. Some people don't like that. It's deffinately second best in my book.
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UG should have its own guitar magazine!!

Lol, yeah!
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