f your learning a solo, learn what scale its in, what the chord progression in the song is, what techniques are used, what notes are being played, etc

Well, I did afterall go to musictheory.net and a couple other places, and it told me about stuff that never made sense.. Like, learning scales, is what makes playin solos easier, because if you already know the scale, you know were the notes are or are used to it, am i right? it did say something about knowing what chord progression in the song is. that didnt make sense. But, how am I supposed to know what scales certain tabs are in? pheraps.. ac|dc back in black. I know theres that little soloish melody thing in there. what scale would that be?

I know ive made alot of topics lately, but I feel like im learning the totally wrong thing, infact, I dont even really know what to do. ( if you want add me to your msn if you wanna help me, forever-sk@hotmail.com )
As for Back in Black: Do you know how to play the pentatonic minor scale? Because if you do, it's easy as pie to figure that out.

You'll simply have to know how scales look on a tab. Write the scales you know out on tabs, if you need to.
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