Poll: Would you get the Hellraiser or the F-400FM?
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View poll results: Would you get the Hellraiser or the F-400FM?
Schecter Hellraiser
15 68%
7 32%
Voters: 22.
The Schecter solely because I know someone with an F-400 and he's a douche. And, as an afterthought, because Jeff Loomis is badass.
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fairly similar specs unless you want the OFR.
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umm well i chose the f-400, ive never played a schecter, but ive played an f-250, and it was amazing, so i cant even tell what the 400 would b like
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ok, the hellraiser is crazy...i want one so bad...especially with a fr, but the 400 also has EMGs, but omg that body is so fecking ugly!
if looks dont matter...get the 400 ONLY if looks dont matter