For those of you who may know what AutoCad is, I was wondering if there was any way you knew of where I could get it cheaper or maybe even free? And are any UG'ers architects? Thanks in advance
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um dl it illegally thats what my friends have done, i got paid 15 dollars an hour to draw blueprints for a guys copy right, and it took like 5 day, made alot of money off that.
i got my drafting teacher to get me a copy of the student lisenced edition for free.
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Yeah I'm trying to download it off limewire..not sure if it will work though. And yeah I plan on majoring in architecture so I'll be doing a lot of that
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i used it in technology class last year, was sort fun actually... best bet would be to illegally download it haha
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According to my drafting teacher, it's quite expensive... after all, our school is still using the 2002 version...

Having said that, it's only fair to mention that my school is freakin' ghetto.

So, uh, yeah... don't get caught o.O
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Yeah I'm really hoping downloading it works because I think they are close to $1000. Like I have that kind of money
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yeah i didnt major in anything i am still in highschool and was just really damn good at that class.
edit oh make sure it is one capable of 3-d or it isnt worth it lol, and if you are majoring in architecture onday you might wanna dl the architech cad not normal or 3d cad
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Yeah the schools I'm looking at all have computer labs open to students 24/7 with every program we would ever need on them. I just wanted at least AutoCad on my PC so I could mess around with it and learn how to use it.
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This guy in my shop class a few years back distributed burned copies for 5 bucks each lol