iight i just wrote this 5 min. ago and im bored enough to post it
i really dont think its anything great at all but why not let other people crit. it just to c other opinions
hate or love as much as you'd like =D

how long will this last?
will you just fade into my past
how long can this go?
with the hatred I've shown
why are you trying to be with me
I told you
if you did that i was leaving

but I'm lonly
as you are without me
and I'm hungry
for the feeling you gave me
I'm sick of your intentions
what answer do you want
when I don;t even know the question

I love
the feeling of curing the numbing
because my fire
gets dimmer everyday
but the anger
is finding its way out of me
will you walk away
and will you just stay


breaking promises
I have no faith
don't come around
your a waste
broken promises
can never repair
I'm not going to wave
so don't bothger to stare

chorus times 3