Hi all,iv been searching for a job for the last couple of months,and finally got my hands on one.Its a crap job,i have to sell perfume and deodrant to randomers on the street and i get to keep half the selling price.Now i know how stupid of a job it is,but fact is..i need a job! so i was wondering has anyone ever tryed this type of job before? tips? and where should i try to sell this "amazing" product?!
thanks ian
Gimmicks, offers, general salesmaship. You know like when you visit some resort town and there are guys giving you offers that seem too good to be true? Well do your math and figure something out.
God damnit, I remember studying this sorta thing in BCS. It's called... damn. That's gonna piss me off.

But on topic, no, I haven't, and thank God. There's nothing worse than someone approaching you on the street and trying to make you buy something.
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Why don't you buy all the perfumes yourself. And because you get half of the selling price, this means you are getting the perfumes at half the price.

Then sell them on eBay!!!


Pay other people to sell it for YOU. And give them 1/4 of the selling price?

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i agree there is nothing worse lol but a jobs a job i guess...i just need to figure out how to aproach it.Havnt a clue, but what can ya do!
hey p.stick,your idea is kool,to pay people a 1/4 of the selling price,but fact is no one is stupid enough to do such a crap job! (except for me of course) lol