so i've written down all the areas that i can think of that concern building a guitar so that i have a place to add new ideas and such that i stumble upon. That having been said i still don't understant every part of the construction process.

  • Wwhat do you need to connect the neck to the body(in the case of a bolt-on)
  • how does the fret wire stay in place(is it glued in?)
  • what will i tools will ineed to do this entire thing from begining to end(in inlays so i don't think i need a drill press)
  • how is the headstock connected to the neck (and is there a reason to have it angled or not)
  • how do you acheive the desired neck shape

oh and one last thing i was looking in a local home depot(i know but it's not as much to be a good instrument as something i can learn from) and they had poplar sheets. these sheets were greenish in color is that the type of poplar used in guitar building?

that is all


for now
1 you need a plate, and screw or ferrules and screws, you fcan order the right ones at stewmac.com

2. usually the barbs.

3. band saw or jig saw, router, drill press, planer, jointer, rasps, a lot of clamps, spindle sander(not needed but i like it.) thats about it, and their are a bunch of various hand tools you'll need that youll find along the way.

4. a scarf joint or its just one piece of wood.

5. i ALWAYS use rasps, i know that there are several ways to go about it but rasps seem like the easiest way for me.

the poplar at home depot isn't dried so it would be no good for guitar building.
^ya but it's so much cheaper plus like i said this isn't gonna be a great guitar or anything just something so that i can use as a spring board to learn off.
you don't think it can work, that wood?
^lol it says i don't have one less then 80 miles from me

EDIT: and i'm not in love with poplar i don't really care what it's made out of it just needs to be pretty cheap and light and hopefully not plywood
once again this is not to make a great sounding instrument it's for experience
just look on ebay for wood im sure you can get something cheap poplar is just one affordable wood that is a decent wood to use for a guitar