I set it down, its normal... I look at it a few minutes later, and the top of it is in the middle, and the bottom at the top.
It's still functional, just looks funny.

And, since the pics suck:
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If I knew anything about that brand of Mp3 player then I would try to help you. I'm sure you can search on Google and find something that will help you fix your problem.

I bet someone has made some kind of program that you can load on to your Mp3 player to "refresh" it.
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MikeLikes2Rock, I tried your idea, Genius!

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dell pod!
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Eddy 372, im nominating you badass of UG
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I believe thats the best looking Explorer I've ever seen, I did think they were all ugly until i seen that one Eddy372 good choice.

I'm hoping to get a Toshiba Gigabeat (30 GB version, though discontinued) later this year or for Christmas... this Dell DJ Pocket 5 GB is really working for me anymore. I want video too ;D